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Composites, the materials of the future.

Because composites are a combination of different materials, they allow infinite possibilities to drive innovation – whether the objective is to optimize an actual product or create a better, more competitive solution.

The right material combination in the right proportions = A better, stronger and highly effective product

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Your integrated composites & supply chain partner.

Why should you partner with us?

We are not only a great team of Composites Manufacturing Experts.
We are not only a great team of Composites Engineering Experts.

We combine both into one differentiated team, positioning ourselves as your Fully Integrated Supply Chain Partner.

Our projects

BHS Composites specializes in the design and manufacture of medium sized to extra-large composite and hybrid components and structures with complex shapes and performance requirements, including prototyping to full production and product integration, for both short and medium production runs.

This specialty can apply to a wide range of projects from different sectors.

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