About us

BHS Composites is a family-owned business that was founded in 1994

Located both in Canada (Quebec) and in the United States of America (Vermont), the company develops & manufactures composite & hybrid products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

BHS’s specialty is to produce value added components and assembled parts from an idea, specifications or blueprints by combining composites with different materials such as aluminum, steel and thermoplastic while optimizing their advantages and thereby obtaining a more efficient product.

At BHS Composites, we believe in building durable relationships with our clients. We know the challenges they face and stay flexible enough to adapt quickly. Indeed, businesses experience rapid and constant changes and need to rethink often the way they work in order to remain competitive. BHS Composites is a proactive and flexible partner that allows its clients to consistently evolve towards its competitiveness and differentiation objectives.

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Why you should partner with BHS composites

Quality promise


High Quality Composite Manufacturing
ISO 9001 : 2008 certified
Class A finish


Cost-Effective Composites Solutions

  • The Right Processes and Materials for your Product
  • Part & Design Optimization Allowing Cost Reductions


Value Added Composites Supplier

  • Composites Engineering Service
  • From sub to complete assemblies & integration
  • Able to provide BAA, SBE, WBE & DBE content
  • Access to BHS’s innovation ecosystem
    • Big network of experts developed throughout the years to accelerate innovation in your project

On Time Deliveries

Service oriented

Flexibility (production volume, custom solutions)
Ease of doing business