Composites are ideal for the transportation sector as they allow parts to be strong, stiff, durable and resistant, but also very light weight—a key benefit as it enables fuel efficiency and lower costs.

Plus, composite parts can be molded into about any aesthetic shape and have excellent finish that meets OEMs high expectancies.

What we do:

BHS Composites can offer light weight solutions that comply to the transport requirements such as FST, as well as special content (BAA, DBE, SBE, WBE) for the following markets:

Utility Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles

Exterior parts:

  • Roof
  • Exterior garnishing/side panels
  • Front mask
  • Dash Board

Interior parts:

  • Air duct
  • Window mask
  • Ceiling
  • Seats
  • Sub Floor
  • Partition
  • Doors
  • Toilet modules
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